Acupuncture is the insertion of needles into areas of the body such as muscles, fascia or “points” with the intention of stimulating the body to respond in specific ways . It may be used to “release” areas of tension, or stimulate the release of hormones or chemicals that the body may not be effectively doing itself. Traditional acupuncture employs diagnosis and treatment methods that are thousands of years old yet still relevant today. Needles may be introduced to specific points to encourage the flow of “Qi” along the meridians of the body, or move “stagnation” that may be impeding the bodies own ability to heal or regulate itself. Although diagnosis may seem complicated, the treatments are based on the the simple premise that the body is constantly working to bring itself back to health, and acupuncture may be employed to facilitate and accelerate this process.


Deep Tissue Massage is sometimes used in conjunction with an acupuncture treatment for MSK issues
Therapeutic Massage – we offer both a full body and a focused therapeutic massage
MLD Massage  is a specialised massage therapy designed to improve the functioning of the Lymphatic System
TMJ Massage – our TMJ massage treatment covers problems associated with the Temporomandibular joint
Pregnancy Massage – Our pregnancy massage treatment can offer many benefits and comforts during pregnancy


We employ cupping as part of our acupuncture treatments. The cups are applied to the body using suction. The resulting vacuum formed inside the cup not only draws the skin upward, but underlying tissues are also drawn toward the vacuum resulting in a movement of “stagnated” soft tissues and body fluids.

Cups may also be used in the manipulation of tissues for musculoskeletal issues. They are applied in a similar way to above, but they may be moved over the affected area creating a kind of “reverse” massage where the tissue is pulled and extended as opposed to being compressed.


Moxibustion is a form of therapy usually used in conjunction with an acupuncture treatment, though may be employed on it’s own. Dried plant materials from the herb mugwort  (usually known as “moxa”) are burned on or very close to the surface of the skin. The intention is to warm and invigorate the points and the flow of Qi in the body, and dispel the influence of certain pathogens in the body.

Kinesio and Muscle Taping

Muscle taping is great for sports injuries and other muscle injuries. The tape is applied to the damaged area to support it and strengthen it, encouraging recovery to take place.

The tape lifts the tissues allowing blood and lymph to flow freely, reducing pain, speeding recovery times and enhancing performance.

We provide taping as part of your treatment if needed, or as a standalone treatment. 

KHT and Guasha

We also use a number of other tools during our treatments including Korean Hand Therapy (KHT) which uses small sticky pellets to stimulate certain points on the hands that correlate to specific areas of the body. One of the most distinguishing things is that once it is applied, the patient is able to leave the treatment with the pellets still attached, thereby continuing the treatment long after their session has ended.

Korean Guasha is a mode of treatment employing the use tools that “scrape” the surface of the skin. As a diagnostic tool, it may reveal areas of the body that may require more attention. As a massage treatment and involves the scraping of the lubricated skin with a specialised tool with the intention of increasing microcirculation to the tissues and to create a therapeutic anti-inflammatory effect.

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